Students at the Senior Kick-Off taking a selfie with Jonathan
Student's at the Senior Kick-off holding up their class T-Shirt

Are you graduating this December?

Apply to be our December Graduate Toast Speaker!

We're looking for a December 2022 graduate to share brief remarks and lead a congratulatory toast at our December Graduate Toast celebration! Could it be you?
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Join us next Tuesday, December 6 from 4-5PM at the UConn Alumni Center Board Room for an information session regarding the Senior Trip to Europe. If you are unable to make it, we will also be recording a virtual information session to send out. ...

December graduates, celebrate your accomplishments with us at our traditional December Graduate Toast! Join us at the Husky Heritage Sports Museum in the UConn Alumni Center for this exclusive party. Enjoy apple crisp and hot cocoa, congratulatory remarks, and a sparkling cider toast with a UConn Alumni champagne glass to keep.

Senior T-Shirts and buttons will be available for anyone who hasn’t received theirs yet.

RSVP using the link in our bio to guarantee your dessert, commemorative champagne glass, and a prize drawing ticket!

We are also looking for a speaker to lead the toast! Apply using the link in our bio to toast for your class!

We are hiring one student for spring semester! Click the link in our bio to find the position description or to apply for our Senior Events Student Worker position. ...

Meet today’s Takeover Tuesday, Joseph Hage ‘22! Joseph will be featured in our Instagram today to show his life as a @uconnalumni and reflect on his time as a Husky!

“Hello, my name is Joe Hage, a recent UConn graduate where I studied Business MGMT. My time at UConn brought me lifelong memories, new friends, and valuable skills. While at UConn, I worked different leadership positions, was a member of SUBOG Concert Committee, Music Chair for Avery Point, President of Avery Point Business Society, and VP of UConn Business Professionals on the Hartford campus. Right before graduating, I became Deputy Director of Operations for a nonprofit that specializes in career planning for high school students. Today, I own and manage a photography business and a record label. With all three roles, I built a network with professionals from Nike, NBA, NFL, Roc Nation, NASA, UConn Athletics, etc.”

We know where we were last April 29th @taylorswift , the 2022 Senior Send-Off! The highly anticipated graduation party on the last day of classes! We cannot wait for more opportunities to celebrate the Class of 2023! ...

Meet today’s Takeover Tuesday, Karishma Rentia ‘22! Karishma will be be featured on our Instagram today to show up her life as a @uconnalumni, a UConn School of Public Policy Master’s Student, and reflect on her time as a Husky!

“Hi everyone!
My name is Karishma Rentia and I graduated from the University of Connecticut this past May with a Bachelors in Political Science. During my time at UConn I held many titles such as: the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) Vice President of the UConn Hartford Campus; the Pre-Law Vice President; a Senator for USG; Chair of Programming; Student Trustee Elections Committee member and so much more. Through all of these leadership opportunities at UConn, I was able to meet so many people that helped guide me through my undergrad. I am now a first semester graduate student at the UConn School of Public Policy where I plan to graduate with a Masters Degree in Public Administration. I also work at a Sephora in Manchester where I get to see many familiar faces from campus on a regular basis. I look forward to sharing a little glimpse into my day talking about my time at UConn as an undergrad and as a masters student.”

Meet today’s Tuesday Takeover, Samir Ahmed ‘22! Samir will be featured on our Instagram today to show you his life as a @uconnalumni and talk about his time as a Husky!

“My name is Samir and I graduated in May 2022. I started at UConn Waterbury and moved up to Storrs with a bunch of people that I would end up becoming friends with to this day and I expect beyond. My *5* years at UConn were definitely bumpy, but I succeeded by my own definition and that’s what I feel is most valuable. I graduated with an economics degree, but right now I’m actually an assistant manager at Walmart. This may seem unconventional out of college, but I feel it’s the right move for various reasons that I will get into more. My hope is that by sharing my story, I’ll be able to alleviate some stress and anxiety about what’s to come and show why to celebrate being being both a UConn student and a soon to be graduate.”

Seniors! If you didn’t get your Senior T-Shirt or buttons TODAY is your chance! Stop by the UConn Alumni Center between 4-5pm! ...


We’re excited to be giving away THREE UConn Senior crewneck sweatshirts! Hopefully, this adds some excitement to midterms!

How to enter:

Tag two senior friends below to with them best of luck on their midterms!

In order to win, all three people must:

1. be following @uconnsenior on Instagram
2. be seniors
3. be able to pick up their sweatshirt at the UConn Alumni Center

The giveaway will close next Friday, October 21, 2022 at 5:00PM EST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified via DM.

Best of luck🍀

Meet today’s Tuesday Takeover, Jacob Zakrzewicz ‘22, coming to us all the way from Amsterdam!

“Who I am: I'm Jacob "Kuba" Z, aka "The Shark"! I'm from Seattle, WA and graduated from UConn Cum Laude with a BSE in Civil Engineering in May 2022.  

My time at UConn: Was a dream. I moved cross-country to attend UConn, and always went on adventures, discovered Connecticut, learned so much through my engineering curriculum, and made so many memories and friends!

What am I up to now?: 2 months ago, I moved to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to pursue my Master of Science in Metropolitan Analysis, Design, and Engineering (MADE) as a joint degree from MIT, TU Delft, Wageningen University & Research, and the Amsterdam AMS Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions!”

Senior Scoop submissions are due THIS Sunday! Visit the link in our bio to vote for your favorite flavor, mix-in, and swirl to represent the Class of 2023. ...

Haven’t gotten your UConn Senior shirt or button?

Stop by to our pop-up on Tuesday, October 18 to grab your free senior merch!

The pop-up will be at the UConn Alumni Center between 4-5pm.

We will be hosting pop-ups and events throughout the year while supplies last to hand out senior buttons and shirts. If you are unable to make it, there will be plenty of upcoming opportunities.

Meet today’s Takeover Tuesday, Aria Ahmed ‘22! Aria will be featured on our Instagram to show you her life as a @uconnalumni and talk about her time as a Husky!

"My name is Aria Ahmed, I graduated from UConn this past May with a Bachelors of Science in Nursing! Now, I work at a pediatric primary care office as an RN in Hartford, CT and am pursuing a Masters degree in Nursing to become a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner at Yale University. While at UConn, I was involved with a variety of different organizations on campus, including the Learning Community Program, intercultural Greek life, cultural organizations that are part of AsACC, and professional organizations affiliated with the School of Nursing. I learned an incredible amount during my four years from faculty, staff, and peers, and made meaningful connections and lifelong friendships that I cherish. My time at UConn allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, and I am very excited to share a little about my journey there and my life now with all of you!"

Happy Monday! We are so excited to host more pop-ups throughout the semester, more info to come soon! In the meantime, enjoy some more pictures from the Senior Kick-Off! ...

Meet our first takeover of the semester, Talia Milardo ‘22. Today, Talia will be featured on our Instagram to show you a sneak peak at post-grad life and talk about her time at UConn!

My name is Talia Milardo a recent graduate here at the University of Connecticut. My time here at UConn was the best 4 years of my life. I studied digital media and design and learned all about social media. I got to become a sports social media creator for UConn Athletics, and even worked for TriCoast Entertainment as a TikTok creator on their new movie Domino Battle Of the Bones starring Snoop Dogg. Currently I now work as a social media specialist!  I will forever cherish the memories and the people I met here at Uconn. “

Our Mission

It feels a little different to be graduating, doesn’t it? The UConn Senior program strives to create a successful transition from being a student today to being a Husky forever. We provide meaningful opportunities for engagement that focus on preparation, reflection, celebration, and connection.

If you would like us to promote or collaborate on an upcoming event or opportunity that is focused on seniors or especially relevant to seniors, please reach out.