Senior Spotlight: Ali Oshinskie ’17

Welcome to our 2017 Senior Spotlight Series!
We asked the campus to submit names of outstanding UConn seniors, and we’ll be featuring one student each Friday.

Name: Ali Oshinskie
Hometown: West Hartford, CT
Major: English
Minor: Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies
Campus Affiliations: WHUS RadioAli Oshinskie Picture

  1. Why did you become a Husky?
    I resisted terming myself a “Husky” when I transferred to UConn in 2014 because I assumed that school pride was located in the student section of a basketball game–a place I never intended on being in. So naturally, I came around to Husky pride in a different location: office hours. I went to my professors with a question on a homework assignment and eventually, we’d make our way to conversation about my career choices or personal questions. The conversations I’d have with professors ultimately became my podcast, Professors Are People Too. In the offices of UConn’s Most Valuable Professors, I found school pride.
  2. What is one little known fact about you?
    I took two years off during college. I left to manage my mental health and ADD. I wouldn’t say it’s a little known fact because I think it’s important that people see a version of success that doesn’t look traditional.
  3. What is your favorite UConn memory?
    The first time I tried UConn Dairy Bar Toasted Almond Amaretto ice cream stands out. I don’t know if I’ve had a food experience as spiritual since.
  4. What is your favorite place on campus?
    W Lot. I’m not kidding. Although I don’t love the long, uphill walk but I can admit that having a parking pass for W Lot gives me the opportunity to appreciate Horsebarn Hill and the beautiful hills of Northeastern Connecticut.
  5. Where have you been involved in at UConn?
    WHUS Radio. I wish I had more to tell you but WHUS is where I live. Although I haven’t slept at the station yet, I’ve spent whole days there. I am the Talk Director at WHUS and I also do most of the editing and recording for Professors Are People Too there. Most students don’t know we have a radio station and it’s too bad because there’s some pretty cool people and some really comfortably couches there. Come check it out, we’re located at Student Union 412!
  6. What will you miss most about UConn?
    Wow, so much but mostly the pre-cut grapefruits in the dining hall. College life is a dream, having spent two years off, commuting and cooking my own food, I can appreciate that for sure. But truly what’s the most wonderful thing about college is how everything I could need and want in an education is located within a two (or so) mile radius. I love walking everywhere, biking around campus, and most of all, the walk across the Great Lawn towards East Campus at night: best in-transit stargazing on campus.
  7. What was your biggest accomplishment at UConn?
    I learned how to respond to an email within 24 hours. I say that because it’s a microcosm for what becoming an adult is about. Adulting isn’t about paying the rent on time or watering the plants, it’s about understanding the accountability behind a lease or the promise that you’d water your roommate’s plants. No one cares if you got a flat and your hard drive didn’t back up, and as laid back or strict as a professor may be, they want you to respond to their emails in less than 24 hours because then they can help you with the bigger problems.
  8. What advice do you have for underclassmen?
    You have time. Time to take a class that does nothing for your degree but you want to take, time to change majors, time for that club or a social event. And if you don’t think you have it, make time. These classes or club will lead you to the accomplishment that you write your UConn Senior Spotlight about. Also, always proofread.
  9. What are your post graduation plans?
    I hope to be able to tell you later this month that I’ll be interning at Death, Sex & Money at WNYC in New York or off creating a podcasting program so that other UConn students can feature their academic experiences But whatever it may be, I’ll be sure to put it in my podcast. Stay tuned!
  10. Anything else…?
    If you’re interested in making a podcast or even getting involved with Professors Are People Too, I’d love to talk to you about it. Email me at

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Ali!