Senior Spotlight: Lucia Greene ’17

Welcome to our 2017 Senior Spotlight Series!
We asked the campus to submit names of outstanding UConn seniors, and we’ll be featuring one student each week.

Name: Lucia Greene
Hometown: Glastonbury, CT
Major: Journalism and Spanish
Campus Affiliations: FYP&LC, UConn Page to Stage Productions, UConn BRAVE Girls Leadership

Lucia Greene Picture

  1. Why did you become a Husky?
    I became a Husky because although I was initially hesitant about coming to a school where the majority of my high school population attends, the resources and opportunities that UConn has to offer blew me away. I remember navigating my way around on Open House and in that moment I knew I belonged here. The campus already felt like it could be a home to me and I loved the spirit and energy that comes with being a Husky.
  2. What is one little known fact about you?
    I work at a Spiritual Healing Center and practice Integrated Energy Therapy. Also, orange peels freak me out.
  3. What is your favorite UConn memory?
    This probably changes with every semester depending on what I’m doing. I’ve really put in effort to make each semester unique by involving myself in different projects. I’ve definitely crossed lots of items off of my bucket list like getting on the Jumbo Tron with a choreographed dance or being delirious at HuskyThon, but I think my favorite memory is the one that most recently happened. I planned a V-Day event, which is about violence against women, and we performed The Vagina Monologues. This is my second time performing in it and I never thought I’d perform in this show. I think this represents how most of my favorite memories have come about from pushing myself out of my comfort zone.
  4. What is your favorite place on campus?
    Swan Lake. Since freshman year, I’ve always gone there to write or clear my mind. It’s so peaceful.
  5. What have you been involved in at UConn?
    Throughout the years, I’ve been involved in First Year Programs & Learning Communities, UConn’s theater clubs, Page to Stage Productions and Dramatic PAWS, BRAVE Girls Leadership, K.U.B.E., and PRLACC.
  6. What will you miss most about UConn?
    I will miss feeling the energy everyone has when Spring hits and suddenly everyone’s out on the quad with their iced coffees or smoothies. I love seeing students studying outside or playing Frisbee, hanging out with friends, etc. There’s something so awesome about all of us just enjoying the space in our own ways.
  7. What was your biggest accomplishment at UConn?
    My biggest accomplishment at UConn has been creating safe spaces for students in different ways while pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I did this when I started a theater group with friends and worked really hard to create a positive club culture, I did it as I challenged myself in different leaderships within FYP&LC and I did it as I joined a new organization in my final semester and organized V-Day. I’ve always been about building a space for people to feel space and grow. They’ve taught me so much and I’ve grown as an individual because of it.
  8. What advice do you have for underclassmen?
    Education is meant to be holistic, not vocational. It’s so easy to find your friends or your niche on campus and become comfortable with that. Keep those friends and connections, but also remember there is so much more out there. Some of the greatest lessons I’ve learned here have come from organizations unrelated to my major and from people I met later in college. Always challenge yourself and don’t “wait until next year” to do something. The years fly by. There’s so much UConn has to offer and it’s your experience, so make the most of it!
  9. What are you post graduation plans?
    I am currently in the process of applying for Teach For America, City Year, graduate school, as well as some other programs. I’m keeping my options pretty open; I am very interested in doing service work in the community before grad school, but we’ll see how everything works out! I’m keeping an open mind and I can’t wait to see how things unfold.
  10. Anything else..?
    I feel really lucky to have spent the past 4 years at UConn. I would not be who I am today without the experiences I’ve had or people I’ve met. I’m going to miss this school a lot, but I feel it has prepared me to take on new challenges and explore what else is out there in the world.

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation, Lucia!