UConn Senior Spotlight – Ashley Trinh ’16


In this Senior Spotlight, meet Ashley Trinh, a senior from Wethersfield, CT! Ashley majors in Physiology and Neurobiology and minors in Molecular Cell Biology in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. Ashley was nominated for her work as an RA – “Ashley contributes to the UConn community in a positive way…always going above and beyond in her academics…and always serving as a resource for students…”

What are your post graduation plans?: This summer, I will be going to China, Vietnam and Thailand. I have not been since I was four, so I cannot wait to see some of my family there, go sightseeing, learn about the different communities, and eat my weight in noodles. I will also be attending medical school in the fall of 2016!

What is your favorite UConn memory?: My favorite UConn memory was definitely celebrating both National Championships my sophomore year. It brought the whole school together so that everyone was celebrating and happy! It just was awesome to see how unified our school was. The whole world was watching our school celebrate while we were all just taking in the excitement. It was unreal when I got floor tickets to see Steve Aoki and Kendrick Lamar perform at Gampel as well!

Why did you become a husky?: I am from Connecticut and UConn has always been a name in the community that my family and I have trusted ever since I can remember!

What is your favorite place on campus?: My favorite place on campus is Mirror Lake and just walking on the East side of campus where the older buildings are. It is such a nice escape from the hustle and bustle in the center of campus and the non-stop construction happening in every corner of campus. There is brick everywhere and the buildings are so beautiful.

What have you been involved in at UConn?: I work in Dr. Daniel Mulkey’s lab (PNB department) and focus specifically on vascular tone in the retrotrapezoid nucleus. I have always enjoyed being a mentor/resource for people, which has really been reflected in my school activities. I am a lecture TA for the PNB 2274-75 courses. I am a Resident Assistant at Hilltop Halls (6th floor is the best)! I also hosted prospective students as a Husky Ambassador and helped incoming students transition to college life as a WOW leader. I volunteered as a UCAELI Conversation Partner to help foreign students practice their conversational English. I went on my first spring alternative break trip during my junior year to Philadelphia to help plan after-school activities for the children there. I was also a part of Hearts Over Latin America.

What will you miss the most about UConn?: The people. Specifically, the friends and connections I have made here. I will also miss the UConn granola from McMahon.

What was your biggest accomplishment while at UConn?: My biggest accomplishment at UConn was getting into medical school and receiving a 2015 SURF Award. I also presented my research at the PNB Undergraduate Symposium and was selected to present at the Biology Symposium as well.

What advice do you have for underclassmen?: You are the boss of your life! Do not rely on others to present opportunities to you. If you want it, then pursue it to the fullest.

What is one little known fact about you?: I have over 45 first cousins…there’s some overlap of names like 2 Stephanie’s, 2 Kevin’s, Mike and Michael, and Jamie and James. I am obsessed with Scandal and Jack Falahee from How to Get Away with Murder.

Anything else?: I really am going to miss this place. Thank you to everyone I have met that made this experience memorable and unique!