UConn Senior Spotlight – Metey Miller ’16


In this Senior Spotlight, meet Metey Miller, a senior from Stamford, Connecticut! Metey is a Nursing major in the School of Nursing. Metey was nominated for her work at the Women’s Center – “Metey has spearheaded our ‘Go Red for Women’ campaign and serves as a role model to her peers.”

What are your post graduation plans?: After completing my licensure exam, I hope to begin working as a new graduate nurse. My goal is to get 2-4 years of experience and then go back to school to become either a family nurse practitioner or neonatal nurse practitioner.

What is your favorite UConn memory?: Being able to see the Women’s Basketball team have 4 consecutive championships since my freshman year. Also being able to witness a double championship from the Men & Women’s Basketball team.

Why did you become a husky?: I knew from elementary school that I wanted to be a nurse. UConn’s School of Nursing is one of the best nursing schools in the New England area and was my number one choice because I knew that they would prepare me and help me reach that goal.

What is your favorite place on campus?: The Women’s Center is my favorite place on campus because whether it was my shift or my day off, I would visit the center. It has always been an open and safe space for everyone and somewhere I could escape to. This has also been a great study place or just an area I can use to think and clear my mind especially when my program had me stressing to the max!

What have you been involved in at UConn?: My first two years at UConn, I had the privilege to be a part of the UConn Marching Band & Color Guard, specifically on the color guard; It was great to be a part of the campus school spirit. I was one of the nursing student representatives for the interprofessional health professions group known as Urban Service Track. Through this organization of all the health related professions at UConn and Quinnipiac, we complete learning retreats centered around undeserved populations that we will encounter as health care professionals, leadership opportunities and cabinets, along with community service within the communities surrounding our campus. I was also a member of the Student Nurses Association, West Indian Student Association on campus.

What will you miss the most about UConn?: I will miss the group of friendships and mentorships that I have gained since being at UConn. This was my support team throughout nursing school and it is not going to be the same not being able to see each other every day. However, my hope is that we all stay close even after graduation.

What was your biggest accomplishment while at UConn?: MY biggest accomplishment would have to be making it through UConn’s nursing program. There were many instances throughout my four years where I thought I would not make it here. Now I am applying to take my licensure exam and preparing for graduation. This, along with my many other accomplishments at UConn, has made my UConn experience a positive and memorable one.

What advice do you have for underclassmen?: First I would tell them to find their support (mentor, friendships, professors, etc.) and to use all the resources that the campus has to offer. I would also tell the underclassmen to continue to stand up for what they believe in and speak up when it is necessary. I would also say it is important to have fun but not too much where it can set you back.

What is one little known fact about you?: My name comes from one of my mother’s favorite TV shows “Ghost writer,” however she changed around the spelling to make it unique.

Anything else?: Thank you Kathleen Holgerson for nominating me for this spotlight. It was a wonderful surprise and very much appreciated. I am thankful for the numerous and amazing experiences that I have had at UConn.